introducing basile+wilson

We are excited to announce an evolution in the landscape of design and innovation within ​San Diego, specifically in the La Jolla area. Jules Wilson Design Studio, renowned for its ​distinct and visionary residential-hospitality design approach, continues to stand as an ​independent entity dedicated to transforming spaces into artful experiences. Similarly, ​Basile Studio remains at the forefront of innovative design and fabrication, crafting unique ​environments with unparalleled craftsmanship. While both studios retain their individual ​identities and specialties, we are proud to introduce a groundbreaking collaboration under ​the newly established umbrella of Basile + Wilson Development.

This venture marks a new chapter in our journey, synergizing the unique strengths of Jules ​Wilson Design Studio and Basile Studio to embark on pioneering projects, including the ​development of Carrizo Lots and RoseAcre. Basile + Wilson Development represents our ​shared vision for creating spaces that inspire, connect, and endure the test of time. As ​parent companies of Basile + Wilson Development, both studios are committed to pushing ​the boundaries of our buildings and their interiors.