With her firm open for over a decade now, Jules has developed a reputation nationally as a designer that sincerely cares about the experience of the end user and the space.

Jules Wilson has worked in interior design for over 22 years. With a combination of experience in Europe studying archaeology and history, and working at several acclaimed design and architecture firms, she has since put her experience into practice.

She works to conceptualize the design in a way that caters to those who will exist within it, taking a decidedly intimate approach. Her experience allows her to transform all the elements of a space into a single narrative. This ability to fluidly navigate a project through space and time relies less on the trends of the moment and more on the worldly inspiration that is at the heart of both Jules herself and her team.

The team is comprised of designers, architects, project managers and coordinators who come together to share ideas and knowledge – elevating the design experience from single-minded to true collaboration.

Each individual plays a vital role in the end result and no one is above getting their hands dirty in the process. From hospitality to urban multifamily housing, to stylish restaurants and lounges and exclusive private estates, the team works closely with each client to solve the design in a way that resonates with the end user in a meaningful way.

Drawing inspiration from different cultures, architecture and history, the studio produces work that tells a rich story unique to each space. Clients have the comfort of knowing that each detail of their project is given full attention by the Jules Wilson Design Studio.

Jules Wilson Design Studio is a full service studio with a reputation nationally for conceptualizing designs with great attention to detail from Schematic Design to Construction Administration.

Schematic Design

Design Development

­Contract Documents

Hardscape + Exterior Design

­Furniture, Art, Accessories + Lighting

­Construction Administration

Concept, Brand + Visioning

Join Our Team

We’re always looking for the best designers, managers and coordinators to join our team. Please see below for our current openings. We look forward to hearing from you.

BIM Manager

The BIM Manager role will include assisting the production of project design, drawings, and presentations, managing project Revit models for consistency and consultant sharing, building and maintaining the Revit templates and family library, working with the team to maintain and progress Revit standards, providing guidance for new software and/or plug-ins to help project models run more efficiently and effectively.

Please send resume to info@juleswilsondesign.com